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St Ronan's Primary and Nursery School, Lisnaskea, Enniskillen

Pollination in P3/4 🐝

15th Jun 2022

Our pollination experiment 🐝
Today we conducted a little experiment to explore how bees pollinate flowers. We know that as a bee moves from one flower to another, it moves pollen between the flowers so we used the ‘wotsits’ to help display this. The ‘wotsits’ acted as pollen (we were allowed to eat them, but not lick our fingers) and the dust from the crisps stayed on our fingers but as we moved onto a new flower (which had double sided sticky tape) we left some pollen (dust) behind. If pollen (dust) is left behind on someone else’s flower then it has been successfully pollinated, which will help it to make new seeds! 🌷🐝
Tada! 🌟