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St Ronan's Primary and Nursery School, Lisnaskea, Enniskillen

Primary 5 Sun Scientists

28th Jun 2022

The Primary 5 students completed a very interesting experiment investigating the impact of sun exposure on our skin.  They completed controlled experiments using UV beads and sun cream.

They investigated what happened to the beads under direct sunlight, in the shade, under water and also under artificial light.  After completing these, sun cream was then applied to the beads to assess what would happen when they were then exposed to direct sunlight.

The children discovered that you are equally exposed to UV rays when in the water and although exposure is less in the shade it still happens.  

When in artificial light you are totally free from exposure.  After sun cream was applied the children seen the impact it had on the beads, only allowing them to change colour mildly, reflecting that it was the closest thing to artificial light.

Everyone really enjoyed the experiment and were delighted as they got to keep the beads. 

Great work Primary 5.